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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Mimi Lucelle

A bit of a ditzy girl with a calm yet chaotic atmosphere. She's also quite forgetful and scatterbrained.

She blames a bell she wears for her notoriously bad luck- claiming that every time it rings, it 'causes something either really good or really bad to happen'.

This is absurd, of course, but who cares. Also, she is very possibly a magical girl.

Favorite things to stream: scary games, live drawing, minecraft

live streams on: Youtube

vods on: youtube

stream schedule: 2-4 times each week

Debut date: September 7th, 2021

live tag: #mimiRESO

FAnart tag: #mimilucelle


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Coming Soon

Favorite things to stream: farm games, final fantasy xiv, chatting

live streams on: twitch

vods on: youtube

stream schedule: The 10th of every month

Debut date: June 5th, 2023

live tag: #NikkiRESO

FAnart tag: #nikkisarris



A girl from the aptly named Pengy-Planet, who crash-landed her spaceship on earth.

She's charismatic and confident, but also a bit aloof and gullible. She loves retro-futurism and goobi style. She's also quite fond of singing, karaoke especially.

Alongside her many, many penguin minions, she aims for world domination. She loves to 'spread the good word of RESO!'.

Pengy Model.png

Pengy Artemisa

Favorite things to stream: toon town, rhythm games, karaoke

live streams on: twitch

vods on: youtube

stream schedule: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Debut date: March 3rd, 2023

live tag: #PENGYRESO

FAnart tag: #Pengyartemisa



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