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Mimi Lucelle

Mimi Lucelle

The Starry Winged Idol

"Music has the power to change our emotions, which is magical! So if music is like magic, then idols are like the magical girls of our world!"

-Mimi Lucelle

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C.A. meotashi
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As the founding member of RESO!, Mimi is the energetic force that brings the whole group together. Determined and resourceful, she always finds creative ways to solve problems. With her vast knowledge of idols around the world and her strong passion, she aims for the top. Mimi designs and sews all of RESO!'s costumes, and draws the artwork for the group.

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Mimi has been an idol since her high-school days and she always aimed high. Her school idol group won first place in the country's ranking competition. However, they disbanded shortly after, and two years later, she moved to a new city to start her professional group, RESO!

Learn More About the Character Mimi:
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Check out Mimi's VTuber Streaming channel!

About Mimi Lucelle:

Mimi's Backstory:


About the Character Actress, Julia/ @meotashi:

Julia has been creating art and content for nearly 10 years. She is most known for her vast variety of creative works, from RESO, to her various Manga and Webtoon comics, to her livestreaming, art, designs, cosplay, and more. RESO! wouldn't be whole without her resourcefulness and unique problem solving. Her creative passion and determination is a strong binding force for the group.

"I will always push myself to do whatever I want to. If I want it, I'll do whatever I can to achieve it!"

~Julia, C.A. of Mimi

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The founding member

The main lyricist

the MacGyver

the main artist

The seamstress

The costume designer

"There's nothing quite like the connection you feel with others when dancing!"

-Nikki Sarris

Nikki Sarris

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The Sunshine Lily Idol

With their charming smile and caring personality, Nikki brings the people around her together! As the eldest member, she acts as a reliable big sister towards the others. However, they are a hopeless romantic, so their crushes makes them look quite childlike and innocent at times. She uses her eloquence and maturity to organize and manage the group. With their lifelong dancing experience, he leads choreography for the group.

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Nikki had always been a great dancer, but was totally new to the idol scene. One day, the Top Idol caught her eye, and she decided to attend an idol event! They quickly fell in love with idols, and applied to many groups. After lots of rejections due to her lack of experience, she met Mimi, and joined RESO!

Learn More About the Character Nikki:
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Check out Nikki's C.A.'s music channel!


About Nikki Sarris:

Nikki's Backstory:

About the Character Actress, Vi/

Vi is a very mature and lovable person, who will do her absolute best to make others smile. His spare time is spent swing dancing with his partners and friends. In addition to performing, their love for math and science led them to a masters degree in chemical engineering. While she's a newbie to being an online content creator, her experience in other entertainment has helped her provide unique input for the group.

"I'm just so happy to be doing what I love with people that I love! I hope I can always do that."

~Vi, C.A. of Nikki

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the organizer

the emotional support

the shop manager

the social butterfly

the wordsmith

Nikki Sarris
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"It's Pengy

-Pengy Artemisa

Pengy Artemisa

Pengy Artemisa

C.A. pengy_time
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The Penguin Planet Idol

Cool and confident, Pengy is a girl with a drive for innovation. She's a huge lover of penguins, and even nicknamed herself Pengy (nobody knows what her real name is...). She is headstrong, clever, and a bit aloof, with a never-ending supply of unique and interesting ideas. With a background in piano, Pengy is the musical lead in RESO! She often writes compositions, harmonies, and melodies for the group.

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Learn More About the Character Pengy:

Pengy has been a professional level idol for years. She had been in several groups before, but explored a solo career most recently. She was reluctant to join a group again, and tried to convince herself that being a soloist was right for her. However, after meeting Nikki and Mimi, she decided to join RESO!

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Check out Pengy's C.A.'s music channel!

About Pengy Artemisa:

Pengy's Backstory:


About the Character Actress

Pengy/ @pengy_time:

Pengy has been a part of the anime convention scene since 2010. She is most known for her creative and professional feats such as running her own maid café, her cosplay, and art, along with RESO!. Pengy often acts as a mediating force in the group, and helps everyone meet in the middle. She is also bilingual, and hopes to use this to reach new audiences. With her love of production, and her vast knowledge of graphic design and marketing, she lends a keen eye to the group.

"If you're not having fun, then why are you doing it?."

~Pengy, C.A. of Pengy


the idea spammer

the art assist

the mv visionary

the marketing guru

the piano composer

the harmony maker

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