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Indie Idol Music Group

We are RESO!

We are a 3 member Indie Idol Girl Group based in America that produces and performs original music, covers, and more!
Follow Mimi Lucelle, Daisy Rosewood, and Pengy Artemisa through our musical journey and growth.

Stream our music on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and more now! 

Characters and Actresses

RESO! takes a unique approach to girl groups by bringing original characters to life through various media.

You can get to know RESO! characters via digital content, as well as by experiencing live performances by the character actresses. With this exciting combination of 2D and 3D content, we aim to reach a wider audience of idol fans.

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Our Mission

RESO! is an Indie Idol group that aims for the endless blue sky above.

We don't limit ourselves to any one genre or concept, instead, we embrace fluidity and are always moving forward.

With our hands-on approach to our work, we utilize our members' individual strengths and unique skills to create our content. Through our storytelling, commitment to quality, and resolve, we aim to be innovators in the idol world.

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Our Work

RESO! creates all of our own content by ourselves and with the help of a small team.

We believe in crediting every person involved in a project properly. That being said, it is appropriate to credit our own members for the work that they do!

Our members can often be found writing our music, both lyrically and musically, creating our artwork and illustrations, choreographing our dances, designing and sewing our costumes, conceptualizing a wide variety of projects, and so much more behind the scenes. They also run our website, Patreon, merchandise shop, social media, and more.

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