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Mimi Lucelle

C.A. meotashi
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The Starry Winged Idol

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"You wanna go get some food together? I always feel better after a good meal!"
-Mimi Lucelle

"Music has the power to change emotions! So if music is like magic, then idols are like magical girls!"
-Mimi Lucelle

As the founding member of RESO!, Mimi is the energetic force that brings the whole group together. Determined and resourceful, she always finds creative ways to solve problems. With her vast knowledge of idols around the world and her strong passion, she aims for the top. Mimi designs and sews all of RESO!'s costumes, and draws the artwork for the group.

About Mimi Lucelle:


Fruits, Cats, Idols, Magical Girls, Manga


Eggs, Math, Coffee, Dirt, Strobe Lights

Special Ability: MacGyver

Mimi can come up with all sorts of creative solutions to any problem by using whatever random supplies that are around her.

Trope:                         The Genius Ditz

Birthday:                    September 17

Charm Point:            Big Blue Eyes

Penlight Color:      Purple

Personality:             Energetic, Whimsical, Ambitious, Feisty

Traits:                         Graceful and Flexible, but Clumsy


Mimi has been an idol since her school days- and she always aimed high. Her school idol group won first place in the country's ranking competition. However, they disbanded shortly after, and two years later, she moved to a new city to start her professional group, RESO!

Mimi's Backstory:

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Mimi's VTuber Streaming Channel!

The seamstress


The main lyricist

IMG-3024 (1).jpg

The costume designer

the artist


About the Character Actress, Julia/ @meotashi:

Julia has been creating art and content for more than 10 years. She is most known for her vast variety of creative works, from RESO!, to her various manga, to her live streaming, art, designs, cosplay, and more. RESO! wouldn't be whole without her resourcefulness and unique problem-solving. Her creative passion and determination are strong binding forces for the group.

"I will always push myself to do whatever I want to. If I want it, I'll do whatever I can to achieve it!"

~Julia, C.A. of Mimi


daisy rosewood

C.A. bambi.strawberri
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The peachy petal Idol

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"Oopsy Daisy!
That's okay, we can try again!"
-Daisy Rosewood

"Do you want to join me in the garden for some tea? It's the best way to catch up with friends."
-Daisy Rosewood

The newest addition to RESO!, Daisy is a soft and tenderhearted individual with a hint of cheekiness hidden underneath. She is known for impeccable taste in clothing and takes pride in her appearance. She has some interesting hobbies including archery and playing the viola. Daisy takes use of her schooling to help the group with management, communication, and sales.

About Daisy rosewood:


Tea Parties, Fashion, Plushies, Books, Animals



Rain, Horror, Watermelon, The Beach

Special Ability: Love at First Sight

Daisy can charm almost anyone she meets upon their first time seeing her with her calming and kind aura.

Trope:                         The Spoiled Sweet

Birthday:                    January 13

Charm Point:            One Left Dimple

Penlight Color:      Pink

Personality:             Affectionate, Refined, Organized, Kind

Traits:                         Elegant and Clever, but Impulsive

Daisy PNG.png

Daisy was raised in a strict household and taught how to be a proper lady. While she appreciates the finer things, it was nothing compared to the feelings she developed when watching idols perform. After meeting Mimi and Pengy, she decided to follow her dream and joined RESO!

daisy's Backstory:

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Daisy's VTuber Streaming Channel!

The Shop manager


The moral support


The fashion guru

the organizer


About the Character Actress, bambi/ @bambi.strawberri:

Bambi is a passionate cosplayer, dancer, and singer. She has been cosplaying for over a decade and has been in various groups that have helped build her skills and confidence in performing. Outside of idol activities, Bambi has had vocal training along with being classically trained on the viola. She brings with her strong interpersonal skills and knowledge of the logistics of group management.

"I always make time to practice, perseverance and scheduling are the keys to my success!"

~Bambi, C.A. of Daisy


pengy artemisa

C.A. pengy_time

The penguin planet Idol

Pengy POWA.png
Pengy SIP.png
Pengy Cool.png

"It's Pengy

-Pengy Artemisa

"That's right!"
-Pengy Artemisa

Cool and confident, Pengy is a girl with a drive for innovation. She plays the piano, is a huge lover of penguins, and even nicknamed herself Pengy (nobody knows what her real name is...). She is even-tempered, clever, and a bit aloof, with a never-ending supply of unique and interesting ideas. She often writes music compositions and melodies, and is the group's video editor.

About pengy artemisa:


Penguins, Reading, Rivalries, Retro Design


Boredom, Cold, Butterflies, Steak

Trope:                         The Sugar and Snark

Birthday:                    May 23

Charm Point:            Thick Eyebrows

Penlight Color:      Yellow

Personality:             Charismatic, Smug, Honest, Easy-Going

Traits:                         Ambitious and Eager, but Unorganized

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Special Ability: Jack of All Trades

Pengy likes to dabble in everything.

While not an expert at any one thing, she's knowledgeable about almost anything.


Pengy has been a professional-level idol for years. She had been in several groups before but explored a solo career most recently. She was reluctant to join a group again- and tried to convince herself that being a soloist was right for her. However, after meeting Daisy and Mimi, she decided to join RESO!

pengy's Backstory:

Pengy Model.png

Pengy's VTuber Streaming Channel!

The song writer


The video editor


the harmonizer

the mv visionary


About the Character Actress, pengy/ @pengy_time:

Pengy has been a part of the anime convention scene since 2010. She is most known for her creative and professional feats such as running her own maid café, her cosplay, and art, along with RESO!. She is also bilingual, and hopes to use this to reach new audiences. With her love of production and her vast knowledge of graphic design and marketing, she lends a keen eye to the group.

"If you're not having fun, then why are you doing it?."

~Pengy, C.A. of Pengy

graduated members

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nikki sarris

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